Welcome to the Nanostructured Functional Materials (NFM) laboratory led by Dr. Yu Han. The Lab is part of KAUST’s Physical Science and Engineering Division and is affiliated to the Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Center.

In the NFM lab, we create novel nanostructured materials by designed synthesis. Our particular interests are nanoporous (inorganic, organic, polymeric and hybrid) materials, which are characterized by large surface area, confined yet well-defined microenvironment, and uniform cavities/channels of molecular dimensions. We tailor their structures and functions for a variety of important applications including heterogeneous catalysis, gas separation and capture, water harvesting, and energy storage and conversion. In addition to materials synthesis, we are also interested in developing low-dose electron microscopy techniques for real-space direct imaging of extremely sensitive crystalline materials, such as metal-organic frameworks, supramolecular crystals, and organic-inorganic hybrid halide perovskites, at the atomic-scale resolution, to unravel their local structural features (crystal surface, interface, stacking disorder, defects, host-guest interaction, etc.) that are not visible by other characterization methods. 

Selected publications are listed below. To learn more about our research, see the full publication list.




10 February, 2020

Congratulations to Qiong Lei on her paper published in JACS!

Qiong Lei's recent paper of electrochemical CO2 reduction accepted in the Journal of the American Chemical Society!

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20 November, 2019

AMPM Center’s Professors M. Eddaoudi and Y. Han listed as Highly Cited Researchers 2019

Professor Yu Han was named to the list for his highly cited publications in the Chemistry and Materials Science fields for 2019.

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07 August, 2019

Student Focus: Mohammed Al-Alouni

Al-Alouni concentrates on the possibility of converting crude oil into more economically viable petrochemicals.

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