Welcome to the Nanostructured Functional Materials (NFM) laboratory that is led by Dr. Yu Han and affiliated to KAUST’s Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials (AMPM) research center and Physical Sciences & Engineering (PSE) Division.


In the NFM lab, we create new nanostructured materials by designed synthesis to provide a platform for developing novel applications. Of our particular interest are nanoporous (both inorganic and polymeric) materials which are characterized by large surface area, high porosity and uniform pores of molecular dimensions, and are very useful for applications in catalysis, separation, adsorption and gas storage. We exploit cutting-edge electron microscopic techniques to image various complex/delicate nanostructures with atomic-scale resolution, which combined with materials modeling allows better understanding of the structure-property correlation.


Since Nov 2010, the NFM lab is fully operational. In parallel, we benefit a lot from KAUST’s fantastic core facilities that guarantee our research to be conducted smoothly and successfully. We are now working closely with both internal and international collaborators and are very excited to see the fruitful outcome in the past year (see Publications).


We look forward to world-wide collaboration as well as comments, suggestions and guidance from colleagues and peers with common research interest.​